Vaccine Mandate Protests

Updated: Feb 23


Additional Dates for the Vaccine Mandate Protests are 10-6,10-13, and 10-24 (Wednesdays) from 3-6pm. They will be walking on the sidewalk around Aurora Healthcare on Hwy 50 and 104th St

Weekly Protest is on Sundays from 4-6pm in front of Aurora


In light of recent news that employers will be mandated by the federal government to require employees to be vaccinated or tested weekly many are frustrated that their freedoms are being taken away.

A weekly protest held on Sunday afternoons was originally organized by healthcare workers who were among the first to be hit with the decision to either take the Covid-19 shots or lose their jobs. These protests have new meaning now that President Biden has announced plans to Mandate vaccines for millions of employees throughout America.

President Biden's COVID-19 Plan | The White House

We visited a recent protest and asked why the attendees were there. Watch the video below to see their responses and check our events page for the latest info on the next protest.

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