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The Two Spending Bills: Infrastructure and Build Back Better Act

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

There have been two large spending bills between Congress and the Senate the last couple months, the first passed in both Houses, H.R. 3684 Infrastructure and Investment and Job Act and secondly H.R. 5376 Build Back Better Act. The former has been signed into law, the second is currently on its way to the Senate (as of 11/19/2021).

Both bills are thousands of pages long, too long for the vast majority of Americans to read and understand, potentially also too long for our elected representatives to thoroughly comprehend. Both add trillions to our already overwhelming national debt, controlling more of Americans lives with more government control and stripping away our freedoms. From Center for Renewing America, the Build Back Better Act was “designed to further ensure hard-working citizens are subservient to a bureaucratic elite determined to centrally plan the lives of American families while enriching themselves with power and control.”

Each bill is listed below with a link to the actual bill, helpful website links discussing the spending, and a recap from these sites.

Hirst Bill - H.R.3684 - Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act


Became law and Signed by President 11/15/2021

Resolving differences before presenting to President 11/5/2021

Passed in Senate 8/10/2021

Passed in the House 7/1/2021

Actual Bill here:

Actions - H.R.3684 - 117th Congress (2021-2022): Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act | Congress.gov | Library of Congress

Website Links:

Primer: The Reconciliation Ruse to Radically Transform America | The Center for Renewing America (americarenewing.com)

KEY VOTE: “NO” ON THE INFRASTRUCTURE… | Heritage Action For America

GOP Bails Out Biden to Pass So-Called Infrastructure Bill (breitbart.com)

Republican Jim Banks outlines ‘worst’ parts of spending bill (nypost.com)

Website Recap:

- Expanding Medicaid, allowing more people to receive Medicaid instead of work. We currently have more jobs available then American workers to fill them.

- “Birth through Five Child and Early Learning Entitlement” spending, replacing parenting with government run daycare.

- $107 Billion in grant spending for illegal immigrants, giving lawful citizen status to “qualified immigrants”, essentially encouraging immigrants to pass through our open southern border and everything else that comes with it, drugs, criminals, and crime.

- Encouraging the use of “energy efficient materials”, rare earth minerals which 80% come from China. Relying more on China, not exploring our own reserves.

- $150 Billion on the Clean Electricity Performance Program (CEPP), requiring increasing “clean energy” by 4% a year with fines to companies who do not comply. This estimates, rising energy prices in homes by up to 30%. Our infrastructure is potentially not ready for this either, a good example is the Texas power grid shutdown in February 2021.

- Price controls on the domestic pharmaceutical industry “crippling innovation, threaten 1 million jobs, and result in fewer new medications and therapeutics.”

- $10 Billion on the new CCC, the Civilian Climate Corps. Funded by the taxpayers, thousands of jobs, building a government run “activist army” to promote, monitor, and engage in the push for climate change.

- Adding to our already overwhelming debt, bankrupting us for future generations.

- The Pro Act bypasses state laws, mandating employees pay union fees even if they are not part of the union. Fines can also be incurred by businesses.

- Taxing the manufactures of nicotine, vaping, and tobacco products. This will trickle down to the consumer via price increases, largely affecting lower- and middle-class homes.

- “Gender Identity” is now a protected class.

- “Digital equity” grants based on race and minority status.

- Funding for “zero-emission vehicles”.

- From Congressman Banks, only $110 Billion of the $1 Trillion is actually spent on infrastructure.

- Another attempt to spend millions building trains, pushing Americans away from air travel and towards trains.

- Over $100 Billion for highways to fund Pete Buttigieg’s comment, “racism physically built into some of our highways”.

Second Bill - H.R 5376, Build Back Better Act


Passed in the House 11/19/2021

Actual Bill here:

Actions - H.R.5376 - 117th Congress (2021-2022): Build Back Better Act | Congress.gov | Library of Congress

Website Links and Podcast:

Primer: What’s in the House-Passed Radical Reconciliation Ruse? | The Center for Renewing America (americarenewing.com)

Podcast: Ask Charlie Anything 88: All Your Questions About ‘Build Back Better’ Answered In-Depth | Charlie Kirk

House Passes Behemoth Build Back Better Act (breitbart.com)

Website and Podcast Recap:

- $400 Billion in childcare and Pre-K, more of government raising of our children.

- Massive increases on Fair Labor Standards Act on fines to small businesses.

- Up to $700k fines to small businesses for not complying to OSHA standards, Covid-19 has now been termed a workplace hazard.

- Home heating Tax on natural gas. Thousands of Americans could lose their jobs.

- Over a billion going to news organizations/journalists.

- Taxpayer funded grants for Critical Race Theory in maternity training.

- Grants from the Department of Housing and Urban Development to “redesign neighborhoods based on racial and ethnic home-ownership rates”.

- Hiring 87,000 IRS agents to go after Americans.

- Hires new Department of Justice tax division agents “to bring civil and criminal cases against Americans”.

- $500M for schools of medicine for funding on racial demographics.

- Funding for “tree equity”.

- As Public Health Indoctrination, “racism and discrimination training curriculum”.

- Increased Small business tax regulations.

- $2.5 Billion for gun control, building “community-based violence intervention initiatives”.

- It blocks many faith-based childcare providers from operating.

- Requires Pre-K and home-based childcare centers staff to have a college degree.

- Illegal immigrants qualify for federal student aid and child tax credit.

- $250 Million for school lunches, making sure they are “culturally appropriate”.

- Taxpayer money will fund abortions.

- $3B for “climate justice block grants”.

- Change postal service vehicles to electric vehicles, even during a chip shortage.

- “Grants Deportation Protection and Work Permits to Illegal Immigrants: The bill would grant 5-year parole to certain illegal aliens who file for parole, pay a fee, and complete a law enforcement background check”.