Why was Safer at Home Ruled Unconstitutional?

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Everyone remembers the "lockdown" put in place by the State of Wisconsin in 2020, but do you know why it was lifted?

Watch the video below to hear both sides of the issue on whether or not Andrea Palm had the authority to issue the order in the first place.

This video is very educational and informative and gives you a front row seat on how this part of our justice system works. Listening to the arguments as well as the questions coming from the justices gives a unique perspective on the role that the supreme court has of protecting the constitution and laws in our state.


The ultimate decision the justices made is available in pdf below. I would encourage everyone to at least read through part of it. While there is some "legal speak" it is not hard to understand and will give you better context of the legal side of what happened last year.

WisconsinLegislature Vs Andrea Palm
Download PDF • 804KB

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