KUSD Special Meeting of Electors

Updated: Feb 23

During the special meeting of Electors a motion was passed (390 Y to 264 N) which restored school board members salaries to $6500 per year. (Meeting begins at 20 min mark)


Why Should I Attend the Special Meeting of District Electors?

Many members of the Hosea4:6 Alliance and the community have witnessed first-hand the actions the current KUSD school-board has taken to silence community input. These include

  • The School Board Walking out of a public regular school board meeting -citing Social Distancing Concerns, rescheduling that meeting for virtual only and then....

  • Showing up to city council days later sitting shoulder to shoulder with attendees and speaking in-person during citizen comments at a public meeting with no social distancing protocols in place.

  • In an interview, the President of the School Board stated she was filing a police report against a parent who approached her after attending the above city council meeting.

  • Allowing a speaker during public comments to continue to call parents who voted at the annual meeting "terrorists" even though their current policy on public comments prohibits "abusive speech". (video here)

  • Attempting to sneak policy changes 125 pages deep into the Regular School Board agenda which would have moved "Citizen's Comments" to after "New Business" and render your comments virtually meaningless. (full details here)

  • Voting down a motion to extend citizen comments past the original 45 min at the 10-26-21 virtual school board meeting and effectively silencing the voices of many parents who were waiting to speak even after stating this in the proposed policy change:

"In addition, due to the increase in the number of views and comments, and the Board’s desire to allow all to be heard, the Views and Comments section has been moved to follow New Business. This allows the business of the Board to be conducted up front while ensuring all stakeholders have ample time to speak during the Views and Comments portion of the meeting, particularly with an extension of the comment period as outlined in Policy 8870 -Public Participation at School Board Meetings. "

  • Permanently removing the "Review of District Mission, Vision, Strategic Goals" and "Board of Education Goals", as well as the "Evaluation of Board of Education’s Adherence to its Operating Principles" from the monthly school board agenda.

  • Continuing to hold school board meetings virtually for no reason other than the recent increased participation of parents and community members and

  • Changing a portion of School Board Policy 8710 from: "Regular meetings shall be scheduled to take place on District property. To: "Regular meetings shall be scheduled to take place on District property or virtually when deemed appropriate." Giving no explanation of what the criteria would be.

  • There have been multiple instances of citizens not being able to speak or who have been cut off or otherwise hindered from talking due to multiple "technical difficulties" and "glitches" during the live virtual meetings.

The first motion that passed by the majority of electors present during the 9-21-21 annual meeting stated this:

In the many years of service of some members of the current Kenosha Unified School Board, the academic and social outcomes of KUSD students have declined while the board of education has consistently voted to increase district spending amid a significantly declining enrollment. They have repeatedly ignored the input and will of electors. To hold them accountable for their actions, I move that the compensation of school board members be changed to $100 per in person regular meeting for in person attendance only, zero compensation for virtual attendance of any type of meeting, and zero compensation for attendance at special meetings and committee meetings.

Your attendance at the Special Meeting for Electors on November 8th can help insure that the decisions made by the majority present at the annual meeting stay intact. Otherwise, the group who petitioned this special meeting will restore their salaries and allow the School Board to continue to comfortably silence the community's voice. You will have the opportunity to vote for or against a raise in pay for the current school board.

A Commentary was published by two of the parents who were influential during the Annual meeting and we have shared the article below.

Commentary: Parents react to petition for KUSD special meeting of electors | Local Columnists | kenoshanews.com


Background Info

Below is additional information about the upcoming meeting.

What is this meeting for?

  • This Special Meeting of Electors was petitioned by the Education Justice Coalition in an effort to raise the individual school board member's salaries to $6500 per-year, from the $1200 per-year maximum salary they are currently receiving. They also wished to approve a tax levy for the 2021-22 budget set to the maximum amount allowed by law.

  • The State Statue referenced in the petition can be found here

In response to the petition the KUSD School Board issued a notice of Special Meeting of District Electors

The Items on the Agenda are to

  1. Elect a chairperson

  2. Consideration of Robert's Rules of Order for the meeting

  3. Consideration of Salaries for School Board Members

Why was this meeting petitioned?

This meeting was petitioned in response to the outcome of the Annual Meeting of Electors on September 21st 2021. In that meeting, the majority of the Electors present voted to reduce the advisory tax levy for the KUSD 2021-22 Budget, as well as change the pay structure for school board members. For a detailed write-up of the Annual Meeting click here.

The group who petitioned the meeting held a rally at Kenosha Union Hall on 10-24-21. The discussion was mainly geared towards their support of raising the tax levy to the highest amount by law without triggering a referendum. The Budget and levy for the 2021-22 School year has already passed. Those details can be found here. They also gave their support for raising the school board salaries.

You can read the Kenosha News Write-up of the event