**School Board Recall Updates**

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

In light of the recent events with the KUSD School Board, Moms for Liberty has organized a recall petition drive to recall Yolanda Adams. The organizers have 60 days to collect 13k Signatures. Why Recall? Here are a list of reasons provided by Moms for Liberty

  • Ignored the will of constituents by voting for mandatory masks in schools after 70% of surveyed parents voted for choice.

  • 4-Million Dollar Deficit. Board has known of this and refused to address it last year. They will need to raise the tax levy again

  • What are they doing with the $73 Million in Covid Funds? $43 Million in Esser III funds is supposed to involve community input, but there has been no request to include the community as of yet.

  • Cancelled School Board meeting - falsely citing unruliness- in an effort to silence the dozens of speakers who opposed the Board's pre-determined Mask Mandate

  • Numerous refusals to answer emails or questions from constituents

  • Supporter of CRT

Please read through the below documents to learn how you can help.

Download and print this file to collect signatures. Please read the above instructions first.

ADAMS - EL-170 Recall Petition (rev. 2019-09)
Download PDF • 172KB


The Masking Mandate passed this evening with Battle and Garcia voting “no”

Moms of Liberty will be starting a recall petition details coming soon.


Board Meeting has been Rescheduled VIRTUALLY on 8-26-21

The meeting can be viewed here

To sign up to speak virtually sign up below:

Virtual Views and Comments Sign-up Form - 8/26/21 KUSD Regular School Board Meeting (google.com)

Read KUSD Policy on Public Meeting Below

On 8-24-21 The KUSD school board was set to meet and discuss changes for the upcoming new year. Over 50 people signed up in advance to speak at the meeting.

This is a picture of the setup of the room before the meeting.

At 6:30pm attendees began filing into the room and quickly filled the handful of seats in the room. A board member informed the group several times that the seating was limited to 1 person per chair and they asked everyone who did not have a seat to use one of the 2 overflow rooms where the meeting would be live-streamed. (attendees reported that TVs were not streaming in one of the rooms).

The schoolboard came in and said they would not start the meeting until the room was socially distanced. The people said they would not leave, they all were fine with being there, they would all give consent. Started by Mom’s for Liberty, the crowd sang the National Anthem. Not one member of the schoolboard stood, sang, or put their hands on their heart. A member of the audience, yelled, “that is your National Anthem too”. From someone who was in the audience it was very moving. The crowd then proceeded with the Pledge of Allegiance. Three of the members of the schoolboard did stand for the pledge, not all.

The schoolboard then proceeded to leave the room saying the meeting was canceled. Mom’s of Liberty shared this cancelation broke the Wisconsin Open Meetings Law

The attendees continued to share their concerns with each other. One mother spoke of her kids not being able to attend regular high school activities the last year and half and she hosted a graduation personally for students. She is very frustrated the school board did not try to make things work, why not host graduation in a football field? Mom’s had signs saying, “We do not co-parent with the government”. A young student shared with the room teachers are telling kids they can go to the gym and get a vaccination without the parent’s consent. Another attendee shared this breaks the Nuremberg code and urged everyone to look into the laws and our rights as citizens and parents.

The conversation continued from the crowd, largely parents not supporting masking children all day and speaking of how to recall current school board members. Mom’s For Liberty urged the crowd they need candidates. Please contact Mom’s for Liberty if you have any candidate suggestions (found on facebook). The crowd was patriotic, fighting for freedoms and fighting for rights.

A security guard shared the meeting may be virtual in a couple days.

***We are waiting to see when the school board reschedules the meeting, stay tuned for updates***