KUSD 2021 Annual Meeting Recap

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Below is video and background documents and information regarding the KUSD Annual Meeting of Electors.

The purpose of the Annual Meeting is as follows:

"The agenda for the annual meeting will be to elect a chairperson, adopt rules of order and the agenda, establish salaries and reimbursement of expenses for School Board members, approve the 2021-2022 tax levy, and establish the date for the 2022 annual meeting."

First 30 min is the proposed budget presentation (embedded below)

Annual Meeting begins at 37min

See below the video for copies of the agenda and supporting documents.

This is the original agenda along with proposed motions by the KUSD Board.

After Voting in Eric Meadows to chair the meeting and making changes to the rules and Agenda, the Electors attending the meeting brought and voted on three major motions. They are as follows.

Motion #1

In the many years of service of some members of the current Kenosha Unified School Board, the academic and social outcomes of KUSD students have declined while the board of education has consistently voted to increase district spending amid a significantly declining enrollment. They have repeatedly ignored the input and will of electors. To hold them accountable for their actions, I move that the compensation of school board members be CHANGED to $100 per IN-PERSON regular meeting for IN-PERSON attendance only, zero compensation for virtual attendance of any type of meeting, and zero compensation for attendance to special meetings and committee meetings. Motion #2 I move that School Board members shall be allowed reimbursement, not to exceed $25, for actual loss of earnings, when duties as a School Board member, whether performed within or outside the District, require absence from regular employment. A written statement detailing the necessary expenses or loss of earnings shall be submitted to the School Board Secretary.

Motion #3 The proposed NET TOTAL EXPENDITURES of ALL FUNDS in the KUSD 2021-22 Budget Proposal is approximately $331 Million, which is approximately $23 Million MORE than in the 2020-21 school year, reflecting a 7.73% INCREASE in expenses this year over last year. Meanwhile, the district’s drastic enrollment drop last year has not been recovered. Current KUSD enrollment does not justify the additional $23 Million in proposed increased expenses. In fact, expenses should decrease when revenue tied to enrollment drops. I move that the recommended tax levy for 2021-22 be $86,000,000, which is $1,178,619 less than the tax levy 2 years ago, in the year 2019-2020, when the district had 1,276 MORE students enrolled than it has enrolled today.

These Motions were brought forward in a professional and orderly manner. At no point was the meeting "out of control" or "out of hand". Local Media has covered the legal actions actions taken by parents and members in the community in a negative light. We encourage you to watch the video in its entirety and read through the supporting documents for yourself. Remember your participation in local government has real impacts.

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The language and rhetoric of the above articles do NOT represent what actually happened. We are only linking them to show the narrative that is being driven when the community stands up and gets involved.

Stay tuned to our website as we will keep this updated as the budget works it's way to final approval.

Below is the statute from the Legislature that was referenced in the above announcement detailing the powers of an annual meetings and what rights you have as a citizen.

Below is the Proposed Budget Presentation presented to the electors at the annual meeting.

Below is the Proposed Budget. Take a look to see how much money the school system is bringing in and where your tax dollars are going.

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