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Updated: Sep 1, 2021

A great reminder on the importance of citizen participation in our community.

The Kenosha News Editorial Board on 7-28-21 wrote:

"While not taking a stand here regarding the hot-button high-profile issues of the moment, we applaud citizen participation in the decision-making process. It takes commitment to do that and sacrifices of personal time.

Our only lament is that it doesn’t happen more often, when the issues are less lightning-rod ones and the more mundane but still so important ones charged to the local school boards to carry out — school budgets; building needs and referendums; curriculum and textbook updates; updating employee policies and handbooks and the like.

How often our reporters have been the only audience members at school board meetings. And how often we have observed at district annual meetings, where spending plans for the coming school year are reviewed and residents get to vote on the setting of the taxing levy, that the only residents in the audience are those who also happen to be employees of the school district and members of the local teachers’ union."

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Kenosha News editorial: Keep the influence local on school board matters | Editorial |

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