2021 Kenosha Redistricting Updates

Updated: Feb 24

On Monday November 8th the county board voted 12-8 to approve the new maps

Kenosha County Supervisory map gets final approval; lawsuit still unsettled | Local News | kenoshanews.com


On 9/16/21 a lawsuit was filed against the county due to the problems of the map that was passed on the 15th.

Details can be found at this link


A fundraiser has been setup to cover legal fees.



After public hearing on the Proposed Maps by the Redistricting Committee the County Board meeting discussed the maps and voted 12-6 to approve them and send them to the city.

Not one person spoke in support of the proposed maps, Watch the below videos to see what the community had to say.


County Board Meeting


On 9-10-21 The Kenosha County Redistricting Committee was presented with a third map (Map C) and immediately voted to approve the map and send it to the County Board. There are serious issues with this map that MUST be addressed before the board votes to approve it. This map is being rushed through with no regard for the long-term impact of having an un-constitutional map.

This Wednesday will be your last chance to speak out regarding this map. Once approved by the county board they will go into effect for the next 10 years. Attend and speak at the public hearing and ask them to refer the unconstitutional map back to the committee and demand that a constitutional map be drawn and brought back to the County Board

Below are the details regarding the process thus-far.

2021 Redistricting Committee | Kenosha County, WI - Official Website

There were 3 meetings leading up to this map:

Audio from Aug 31st Meeting


Video From 9-7 Meeting

Video from 9-10-21

Plan C Map

Population Deviation Data Map C

Even though Map C no longer has the issue of multiple supervisors being drawn into the same district, there is plenty still to be concerned about.

  • Deviation is 12.16%. Courts have ruled up to 10% is acceptable, the closer to 1% is better. Racine County’s map has a deviation of less than 1%

  • There are 8 non-contiguous districts. 5, 6, 14, 15, 17, 19, 20, & 21

  • Communities of interest are separated. Districts 22, 23, 19, 12, 13, 14, 8 & 3

  • Packing minorities into districts 7 & 10

  • Not compact. Districts 18, 19, 12, 13 & 14

  • They also unnecessarily cut Twin Lakes into two districts.

  • Did not take into consideration Intergovernmental agreements between Bristol, Somers and Kenosha.

Below are a list of supreme court cases regarding redistricting.