City of Kenosha Mask Mandate Updates

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Mask Ordinance has been withdrawn from consideration.


The Public Safety and Welfare Committee voted down the Ordinance Proposal by Anthony Kennedy on Monday evening with a 5-0 Vote. They also voted down 5-0 a resolution to ban the use of certain less than lethal resources for the police department to control riots like what the community suffered through just one year ago.

Grab some Popcorn, the entire video is almost 3 hours long!

Please note there are a couple of moments of severe camera shake (apologies) as well as brief language and graphic descriptions of injuries during the riots from one of the speakers at 42:20

Please comment below with your thoughts.

Stay Tuned for details about the 9-8 Meeting where the ordinance will go back to the full council to be voted on.


City of Kenosha PSW Committee Meeting on 8-30-21

*** Please stay until the VERY END of the meeting.***

It is important to stay until the end as the Aldermen will get to speak at the very end and we want the community to hear their remarks.

There will be TWO opportunities to speak at tomorrow's Committee Meeting regarding mandatory masking in the city of Kenosha.

  1. During Citizens comments at the beginning of the meeting. (must sign up in person before the meeting.

2. During the "Public Hearing" portion of the Agenda item of interest (#8 in this case)

*Be sure to read through the entire Agenda below if you wish to speak on another item that will be discussed.*

After Monday's vote it will go back to the Full City Council on Wed September 8th @ 7pm.

Original Post


On August 16th 2021, citizens of Kenosha gathered together to voice their concerns on a variety of issues during the citizen comments portion of the City Council Meeting. Of notable importance on the agenda was the threat of another mask mandate for the city of Kenosha until March of 22, 2022. This was brought forward through an ordinance proposal by Alderman Anthony Kennedy (District 10).

Several different groups were represented on Monday night including several members from the Hosea 4:6 Alliance. Thanks to the information on our site we were able to equip people to come prepared to speak out for what is important to them. Please take some time to watch the citizen comments video as well as the Alderman's response. You may (or may not) be surprised at what was said.

If you are unable to watch the entire video Alliance-member Grace N. took the time to write a detailed recap. (Thank You!)

After the Citizen Comments portion of the portion the council many attendees left during the voting and normal business of the council. However there was more discussion to come about the mask mandate proposal

Several Alderman spoke towards the end of the meeting including Alderman Kennedy (@6min) who responded to many of the citizen comments that were made.

Next Steps:

At the meeting city council voted to send the proposal to the Public Safety and Welfare committee which will meet on August 30th at 5pm. We need you to come and show your support by attending and/or speaking during the comments portion of the meeting. Please rsvp with us at this link to be updated with the details

*Mask Mandate* Kenosha Public Safety and Welfare Committee | Hosea 4:6 Alliance (