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Samantha Kerkman

Office Sought:

County Executive


Kenosha County

Current Public Office:

State Representative Assembly District 61

Why I Am Running for Office:

As a State Representative, I bring over 20 years of experience collaborating with federal, state, and local leaders to solve problems and create opportunities for Wisconsin citizens. As Kenosha County Executive, I will bring these skills in collaboration to my management of the county. I have a reputation of being eagle-eyed in saving money for Wisconsin taxpayers.
Over the years, I have helped thousands of constituents receive needed services. My work on passing the 2008 Uline Jobs Creation Act and 2011 Pleasant Prairie 12% TIF Exemption created thousands of Kenosha County jobs. The Twin Lakes Equalized Value Error Correction Bill, which I sponsored, saved property taxpayers over $200 each.
I brought millions of dollars to Kenosha County to enhance county parks and authored a bill allowing Kenosha County to continue providing services to residents, despite the step-down of utility aid payments.
I am the only candidate that has a critical understanding of the relationship between county and state government as well as the ability, experience, and vision to guide Kenosha in the years ahead as County Executive.

Additional Information:

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