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Monica M Yuhas

Office Sought:

County Board


Supervisory District # 17

Current Public Office:

County Board Supervisor District #17

Why I Am Running for Office:

I have a passion for service. I love our community which I have called home for 53 years. I have been elected for the past four years to be a voice for residents. There is no greater reward than receiving a telephone call or email with a constituent’s concern and being able to work through the issue at hand and find solutions where the outcome brings satisfaction. I have always been and will continue to be an advocate for fiscally responsible government and maintaining quality services on which we depend. Protecting YOU the taxpayer, supporting first responders, and ensuring our quality of life while our community grows are among my top priorities. I will continue to support and work hard to improve services for our veterans, mental health, Human Services, and the opioid crisis. I have demonstrated this commitment the past four years by supporting budgets and bonding which invested into these programs. Also, during my four years on the County Board, the County has achieved an AAA bond rating, the highest rating possible. Kenosha County is the seventh county to achieve this rating out of seventy-two counties in Wisconsin. This AAA bond rating saved taxpayers almost $300,000 in 2021. Our equalized value is at its highest ever at 32% and new construction in 2020 was the third highest in the state of Wisconsin.

Additional Information:

I have lived in Kenosha County my entire life. My husband Jeff and I have been married for 33 years. I volunteer in our community by serving on:

Pleasant Prairie Historical Society Member
Pleasant Prairie Woman’s Club Member, Past President
Southern Lakes Credit Union Board, Secretary
Pringle Nature Center Board Member, Kenosha County Liaison
Pleasant Prairie Police Association Supporter
Pleasant Prairie Fire and Rescue Association, Retired Treasurer

Kenosha County Board of Supervisor Committees:

Kenosha Joint Services Board 2018- Present
Finance Committee 2020 - Present
Executive Committee 2020 – Present
Youth in Governance Mentor 2020 - Present
Judiciary and Law Enforcement Committee 2018- 2020
Public Works and Facilities Committee 2018 - 2020
My biggest three priorities continue to be:
Maintaining essential public services while minimizing the financial impact on the taxpayers of Kenosha County. I have supported the following critical items over the past four years on the County Board:
Public Safety – I serve on Kenosha Joint Services Board (2018 – Present) and I have also served on the Judiciary and Law Enforcement Committee (2018 – 2020). These two committees affect the daily lives of us all where personal and public safety is concerned: The Judiciary and Law Committee works with the Sheriff’s Department, Kenosha County Courts, the District Attorney’s Office, and the Kenosha Joint Services Board, which provides safety support services for the City of Kenosha Police and Fire Departments, the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department, and various other law enforcement and emergency services agencies.

In helping to develop the annual County Budget, I voted for competitive wages for our Sheriff Deputies, ensured that they have tactical vest replacements, body cameras, and other much-needed equipment and training that allows them to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities. While I continue to serve on Joint Services, I have supported the replacement of 911 radio console systems, two new transmission towers with new radio equipment for Fire and Rescue communication as well as the completion of the simulcast project which strengthens communication between our Sheriff Deputies as well as our County Fire and Rescue departments. I did not support a resolution sponsored by Supervisors Erin Decker, Amy Maurer, Mark Nordigan, and Zach Rodriguez asking that the Kenosha County Board of Supervisors directs the Sheriff’s Department to sell or donate any department-owned military-style vehicles that have not been used for its intended purpose for more than 2 years in July of 2020, one month prior to August 2020. Most committee members felt it was necessary for the Sheriff’s Department to have these types of equipment available and in their possession, in case an event warranted their use. Imagine what more destruction would have taken place in August if that resolution would have passed as written and our law enforcement didn’t have the necessary equipment available to them. I also sent a letter to Governor Evers on August 26, 2020 asking for additional National Guard members with police powers.

Mental Health / Opioid Crisis – I understand the importance of having resources available for those who need guidance and/or treatment for mental health issues which is why I supported and voted for an additional five beds at the KARE Center in 2019. The KARE Center is a community-based residential facility that offers mental health and substance abuse recovery in Kenosha County. Additionally, I will continue to support the Vivitrol Program which is a comprehensive alcohol and drug treatment program that has had a very high success rate in the treatment of opioids addiction. The county is partnering with Lake Behavioral Health in Waukegan, IL regarding mental health services. This will bring mental health care closer to home for our community instead of having to travel to 3 hours north for care.
Veteran Services – I have spoken with many of our Kenosha County veterans about their service to our country as well as their challenges with making ends meet. Our Veterans Services department processes thousands of claims every year to help with legal issues, benefits, and support that directly affects these men and women. By spending time in this department, I have seen first-hand the amount of time it takes to process a claim, and provide guidance on how to pursue a remedy for a given situation. In order to process these increases in claims, and provide additional needed support for our veterans, I supported and voted for an additional staff member in the Veteran’s Services department. I also supported and voted in favor of renaming KD Park “The Kenosha County Veteran’s Memorial Park”.

I believe the role of a County Board Supervisor is to be hardworking, attentive, and engaged in the community. I have toured every department in Kenosha County Government to learn about the inner workings of each department. By doing this, I was able to see firsthand staffing levels, as well as have a much better understanding of the operations for each department. This is very helpful at budget time when you are making decisions on staffing and capital improvement projects. The role of a county board supervisor is to review and act by resolution or ordinance. The county board establishes the annual county budget and set the property tax rate for county purposes. A county board supervisor is a voice for their constituents on the Board floor. You can learn more about me and my past four years serving Kenosha County at

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