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Brian T. Thomas

Office Sought:

County Board


Supervisory District # 5

Current Public Office:


Why I Am Running for Office:

To represent my neighbors and community that reflects our values in providing a safer community, fiscal responsibility and supporting families directly and indirectly. I will take the time to educate myself on; the County Ordinances, County Budget and the numerous County Departments to understand their needs currently and going forward. I want to ensure that our tax dollars are creating value for those in District 5 and in all of Kenosha County.

Additional Information:

I have lived in District 5 for the past 16+ years and in Kenosha since 1995, I am married, have 6 children and 3 grandchildren and own several small businesses in Kenosha since 1995. I recently retired from coaching high school cross country and track and have the time to devote to serving my community in another way, by serving on the County Board. Despite this being a part time position, it will be a fulltime responsibility to me. I will be available to those in District virtually at any time by phone, email, stopping by my house or office.

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