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Brian S Bashaw

Office Sought:

County Board


Supervisory District # 19

Current Public Office:

Why I Am Running for Office:

I see what is happening in politics today with the irrational vitriol and divisiveness of national politics, spilling into our local leadership. It is a critical time in our country to stand for civility, ethics, values, and integrity, and to bring this focus to our future, for all Kenosha County residents. Our county and specifically District 19, need a supervisor who actively represents and stands up for all the residents west of I-41. I will represent District 19 as a neighbor who stands in the gap to fight for our needs, representing our values and communities, while embracing a vision for an exceptional future for Kenosha County.

This is a critical election, as there are many areas of opportunity related to District 19 including the significant need to improve broadband service and ensure public safety which includes enforcement resources, preventing spillover of violence into our rural communities. I am also very concerned about fiscal accountability, as spending needlessly wastes our money and resources. Living near Bong State Recreation Area, I have a great appreciation for District 19, and how it reflects our rural heritage and conservative values. It is vitally important to balance intelligent growth in our communities, while embracing and preserving our heritage for generations of Kenosha County residents to enjoy.

Additional Information:

I believe in a World where everyone can exceed their potential, where we can all do great things together. I’ve lived by this principle with my family, my customers and team members who have been my top priority. I bring this perspective along with my extensive experience in business, commitment to excellence, conservative values, and integrity, to my service as Kenosha County Board Supervisor, District 19. This is our home, our Kenosha County, and our future to define. I am asking for your vote, as we work together to define our future!

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