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Amanda Nedweski

Office Sought:

County Board


Supervisory District # 16

Current Public Office:

Why I Am Running for Office:

"Kenosha County has been my lifelong home. I am running for local office to give back to the community that has given me so much. Fiscal accountability is a top concern, and I will leverage my background in finance and economics to apply my extensive business experience to the fiscal management and operation of Kenosha County. In recent years, I have observed a lack of keen oversight in public spending, and the people of Kenosha County deserve a representative who will work to increase revenue producing services while lessening the tax burden on hardworking people.

In all ways possible, the County must support law enforcement to ensure public safety, and I will always back the badge. District 16 is on the state line, and crime creep is real at the border and beyond. I am committed to supporting the relationship between the Sheriff's Department and the Pleasant Prairie Police Department to increase crime prevention.

Lastly, we must address the growing mental health crisis that is fueled by pandemic restrictions over the past two years. I will advocate for expanded mental health services throughout the County to support those who need them."

Additional Information:

I grew up in the City of Kenosha, and I eventually moved to the Village of Somers for 14 years. My partner, two teenage sons, and two golden retrievers now enjoy life in our Pleasant Prairie home. Having lived in both urban and rural areas, I bring multiple necessary perspectives of Kenosha County life to the decision making required of the board.

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