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Aaron Karow

Office Sought:

County Board


Supervisory District # 23

Current Public Office:

Why I Am Running for Office:

Board supervisors are elected to represent their districts at the County level to ensure proper representation, so your voice is heard and considered in the decisions that guide County spending and service levels. I believe the government serves the citizens and I will always keep that perspective in listening to your concerns. As a lifelong resident of and being involved in local government in the Randall and Twin Lakes area, I have developed close ties with local leaders and many residents. My relationships and experiences will be valuable in getting reliable feedback to guide good decision making to ensure the needs of our community are met and residents are served. I will work hard to efficiently use our assets and resources with a critical eye on maximizing return on our investment of time, talent, and finances. As a Civil Engineer, I have experience in large private and public infrastructure projects across the nation, leading teams of people and managing complex civil and building construction projects. Keys to success for me have always been to dive in and understand the details, be a problem solver, communicate effectively, engage the right people to ensure effectiveness, and establish measurable goals to provide guidance leading to the desired outcome. I have a strong passion for and deep roots in Kenosha County and I want to use my servant’s heart to help people.

Additional Information:

County Board Supervisors serve the legislative function focused on policy making, law making budgetary approval and cooperative decision-making. The long-term goals and policy objectives that I see are maintaining and improving the rural character and quality of life that we have come to enjoy by ensuring responsible spending and providing efficient and effective County services. Almost 25% of property taxes from Twin Lakes and Randall residents go to Kenosha County government and I will ensure our County revenues and tax dollars are balanced county wide. A major challenge will be finding innovative ways to minimize budget impacts due to upward financial pressures (inflation and interest rates increases), supply chain constraints, and labor challenges. I will focus on strengthening individuals through work force development, promoting healthy living, and building community resiliency over growing government. I will support law enforcement and emergency services to ensure proper preparedness and actions are taken during times of crisis. I will work cohesively and collectively with the Executive to appropriately staff administration and human services be the most successful in meeting the needs of our County Residents. I will advocate for improving infrastructure and recreational opportunities through public works and parks improvements driven by best value. I will increase community understanding of the County’s function by advocating for transparency and disseminating information on important decisions and listening for your feedback. I will look for win-win solutions and solve problems through critical thinking and effective communication.

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